Mythic Delirium #28

My poem ‘Doomcall’ features in Mike Allen’s Mythic Delirium:

Mythic Delirium #28

Día de los Muertos • F.J. Bergmann
The Beast • Rachel Manija Brown
Mice • Beth Cato
Maud Gonne, After • Alicia Cole
The Serpent Explains the Nature of Tricksters to His Wife • Ruthanna Emrys
The Princess Becomes a Prophet • Jeannine Hall Gailey
Wheels • Adele Gardner
The Last Siren • Andrew Gilstrap
The Green Green Rain • Neile Graham
skin • Lynn Hardaker
Circe in Manhattan • Wendy Howe
Gleaming • Mari Ness
The Theatre Golems • Dominik Parisien
Rare Annie • Caitlyn Paxson
How to Bring Your Dead Lover Back • K.L. Pereira
The Motor Prayer • Donald Raymond
Doomcall • Alistair Rennie
Persephone Set Free • Sofia Samatar
Revising Horror (The Wrong Mouth) • David Sandner
The Nostalgia of Roads • Alexandra Seidel
The Ceremony of Innocence • Sonya Taaffe

Electric Velocipede #15/16

My story “A Doom of My Own” has been published in Electric Velocipede #15/16

Electric Velocipede #15-16

Corey Brown – Child of Scorn
Claude Lalumière – Destroyer of Worlds
Darren Speegle – Strains of the Lost Oktober

Short Stories:
Olivia V. Ambrogio – Trades
Jayme Lynn Blaschke – A Plague of Banjos
Terry Bramlett – Sallie’s Price
Sheila Crosby – Unreal Estate
Aliette De Bodard – The Dragon’s Tears
Catherine Dybiec Holm – Detours
Robert J. Howe – Season of the Long Now
Alex Dally MacFarlane – Two Coins
Michael Neal Morris – Partita for continuo
Michelle Muenzler – She Wore a Yellow Ribbon
Timothy Mulcahy – The Tree Reader
Patrick O’Leary – The Oldest Man on Earth
Erin Pringle – The Floating Order
Alistair Rennie – A Doom of My Own
Patricia Russo – Sitting Round the Stewpot
William Shunn – Timesink
Leslie Claire Walker – The Devil Wears Combat Boots
Jonathan Wood – Notes on the Dissection of an Imaginary Beetle

Catherine Edmunds – Installation
David C. Kopaska-Merkel – Cher Amazon
Shira Lipkin – Wool and Silk and Wood
Rachel V. Olivier – Homemade Rosewater
Rachel V. Olivier – The Story
Terrie Lee Relf – on realizing death is a man
J.C. Runolfson – Now You See her
Rena Sherwood – The Electric Viola Player Wore Black
Rachel Swirsky – Remembering the World

Penelope O’Shea – Sampling the Aspic
Lucius Shepard – Blindfold Taste Test

Weird Tales – BleakWarrior Meets the Sons of Brawl

My story “BleakWarrior Meets the Sons of Brawl” has been published in Weird Tales magazine.

Weird Tales #351

– The weird animation of Bill Plympton
– Viktor Koen’s biomechanical visions
– Exclusive excerpt: The Alchemy of Stone by Ekaterina Sedia

– “First Photograph” by Zoran Zivkovic
– “The Gong” by Sara Genge
– “The Dream of the Blue Man” by Nir Yaniv
– “The Wordeaters” by Rochita Loenen-Ruiz
– “Out of Sacred Water” by Juraj Cervenak
– “Time and the Orpheus” by Chiles Samaniego
– “BleakWarrior Meets the Sons of Brawl” by Alistair Rennie

– “The Monster With the Shape of Me” by Brian J. Hatcher

– The Library: Elizabeth Genco talks with author Lauren Groff about writing The Monsters of Templeton
– The Bazaar: Jessica Joslin’s crazy steampunk critters
– Weirdism: Robert Isenberg on the cinema’s latest obsession with apocalyptic futures
– Lost in Lovecraft: Kenneth Hite dives literarily into the Pacific Ocean and pulls up H.P. Lovecraft
– Harvey Pelican & Co.: special offers from the esoterica king

– Cover art: “Skelephron” by Viktor Koen
– Illustrations by Steven Archer, Hellstern, Ira Marcks and more

Fabulous Whitby

Fabulous Whitby, which features my story “Return to the Wrath of Penda”, is now available on Amazon.

Cherith Baldry — Dreaming of Angels
Neville Rhys Barnes — Heritage Ocean
Jacey Bedford — The Whitby Jets
Chris Butler — Stone and Stage
Mark Concannon — Thick Hides and Furry Hearts
Deirdre Counihan — Jettisoned
Dayle A. Dermatis — Proof of Devotion
Melanie Fletcher — Lost in Whitby
Esther M. Friesner — How Thorvald the Bloody-Minded Saved Christmas
Stephen Kilbane — Wylde in Whitby
Ruth Nestvold and Jay Lake — Hobdale
Alistair Rennie — Recalled to the Wrath of Penda
Kari Sperring — The Whale’s Daughter
Sue Thomason — The Age of Silver
Karen Williams — Drowning Victims
Liz Williams — Mortal Coil
Neil Williamson — The Codsman and His Willing Shag

Il Duca di Cesena in Electric Velocipede

Il Duca di Cesena has been published in Electric Velocipede No. 10

“I tell you now, Father Gregory, written in my own hand, that this man, Il Duca Malatesta, was uninhabited by the adversaries of God and of Christ. There was no visible derangement, no foaming at the mouth, no erratic personality or cacophony of voices, no unintelligible or ancient languages emitted, no vomiting or self-inflictions. There was no evidence of which to speak by which this man could be adjudged as being under the charge of Supreme Evil. And, yet, the good cardinals were convinced of it. And why? Because of the extent of his crime.”