Electric Velocipede #15/16

My story “A Doom of My Own” has been published in Electric Velocipede #15/16

Electric Velocipede #15-16

Corey Brown – Child of Scorn
Claude Lalumière – Destroyer of Worlds
Darren Speegle – Strains of the Lost Oktober

Short Stories:
Olivia V. Ambrogio – Trades
Jayme Lynn Blaschke – A Plague of Banjos
Terry Bramlett – Sallie’s Price
Sheila Crosby – Unreal Estate
Aliette De Bodard – The Dragon’s Tears
Catherine Dybiec Holm – Detours
Robert J. Howe – Season of the Long Now
Alex Dally MacFarlane – Two Coins
Michael Neal Morris – Partita for continuo
Michelle Muenzler – She Wore a Yellow Ribbon
Timothy Mulcahy – The Tree Reader
Patrick O’Leary – The Oldest Man on Earth
Erin Pringle – The Floating Order
Alistair Rennie – A Doom of My Own
Patricia Russo – Sitting Round the Stewpot
William Shunn – Timesink
Leslie Claire Walker – The Devil Wears Combat Boots
Jonathan Wood – Notes on the Dissection of an Imaginary Beetle

Catherine Edmunds – Installation
David C. Kopaska-Merkel – Cher Amazon
Shira Lipkin – Wool and Silk and Wood
Rachel V. Olivier – Homemade Rosewater
Rachel V. Olivier – The Story
Terrie Lee Relf – on realizing death is a man
J.C. Runolfson – Now You See her
Rena Sherwood – The Electric Viola Player Wore Black
Rachel Swirsky – Remembering the World

Penelope O’Shea – Sampling the Aspic
Lucius Shepard – Blindfold Taste Test