Fabulous Whitby

Fabulous Whitby, which features my story “Return to the Wrath of Penda”, is now available on Amazon.

Cherith Baldry — Dreaming of Angels
Neville Rhys Barnes — Heritage Ocean
Jacey Bedford — The Whitby Jets
Chris Butler — Stone and Stage
Mark Concannon — Thick Hides and Furry Hearts
Deirdre Counihan — Jettisoned
Dayle A. Dermatis — Proof of Devotion
Melanie Fletcher — Lost in Whitby
Esther M. Friesner — How Thorvald the Bloody-Minded Saved Christmas
Stephen Kilbane — Wylde in Whitby
Ruth Nestvold and Jay Lake — Hobdale
Alistair Rennie — Recalled to the Wrath of Penda
Kari Sperring — The Whale’s Daughter
Sue Thomason — The Age of Silver
Karen Williams — Drowning Victims
Liz Williams — Mortal Coil
Neil Williamson — The Codsman and His Willing Shag