Loncon 3

Alistair Rennie is appearing on two panels at this year’s World Science Fiction Convention (Loncon 3), namely:

The Animal Human
Capital Suite 7+12 (Level 3), 8pm – 9pm, Thursday 14 August

Images of animals are common in science fiction, whether as uplifted anthropomorphic companions like Ack-Ack Macaque, or problematic metaphorical others like King Kong. (The talking cats are sometimes both!) We’re used to talking about these stories in terms of how they reflect on our humanity; but what do they say about how we see animals? What does the SF of writers such as Sheri S Tepper and Karen Joy Fowler have to tell us about the blurry continuum of sentience and sensation that we share with other species on this planet, and about the value judgements we impose on that continuum? And which stories find a place in SF for animals as themselves?

The Lexicon Gap
Capital Suite 13 (Level 3), 10am – 11am, Saturday 16 August

Prose Stylings, Voice, and Narrative Structure: As a reader, why should I care? These terms are often thrown around, but what do they really mean? And more importantly how should a reader translate them in to something useful for evaluating what they read?