Ruptured World

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Notification of Mission: P R I M A L ∆ K I N E T I C

Ruptured World has developed radio technologies intended to capture transmissions from primal (original, transcendent, atypical) sources of activation.

Research Goals:

Using advanced field recording techniques* to intercept radio signals from:

– Past and future timescapes
– Psychic transmissions
– Paranormal activity types
– Spectral traces of approximate dimensions
– Fast radio bursts (potential alien signal types: deciphering enabled).
– Close encounters
– Cosmic anomalies
– Crypto-scientific phenomena

*Empowered by Parafaction™ Sound Investigation Systems


Ruptured World is a cinematic dark ambient music project that combines atmospheric soundscapes with spoken word.

The project uses a range of audio techniques, including digital sound design, live instrumentation, field recordings and the integration and manipulation of live samples to create an otherworldly blend of sonic textures, haunted pianos, melodic signatures and subliminal drones.

Ruptured World incorporates storytelling into its unique sound palette with generic adaptations of cosmic horror, science fiction, weird tales and folklore.