The Courtiers of Castle Strange

The Courtiers of Castle Strange

CASTLE STRANGE – a ruined shell of ancient glories, poised on the cliffs of the Northeast Scottish coast.

It is said by the locals that, on winter nights, the castle re-assumes its original grandeur. Spectral apparitions glide across its battlements. The ancestral halls echo with the sound of revelries and the grim repasts of ancient forebears. Music begins to waft around the castle walls, accompanied by the thunder of the seas and the unruly gusts of rampant northerlies.

A local musician – well-known as a collector of old songs – hides in the neighbouring hillocks around the castle. He scribbles down the notes of the tunes he hears as, all around him, the elements wrangle.

He returns to his studio and, for several weeks, works feverishly on the compositions he has recovered from the ancestral roost. He produces a suite of songs. He renders them in electronic versions and sends them thither to the OSCUROZONE MUSIC EMPORIUM.

They are the re-animated masterpieces of The Courtiers of Castle Strange.

And we bring them to you now at the song collector’s earnest request.